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St Michael's Middle School

St Michael's Middle School

School Uniform

Dress Code

We do ask for your support in helping us to reach for the highest possible standard in our children's appearance. Please ensure that, as far as possible, your child is dressed in school uniform with appropriate footwear (not trainers) and all items are named. Shoulder length hair (for health and safety reasons) should be tied back. Please do not send or allow your son/daughter to come to school adorned with earrings (apart from one pair of plain studs), fashion trouser belts, bracelets, necklaces or rings. No other piercings are permitted. Similarly, make-up, hair gel, dyed, tinted or highlighted hair are fashion statements and totally inappropriate for school. We always emphasise to our children that they are coming to a place of work and should dress accordingly.

Our Uniform

St Michael's School pullovers are black with a gold embroidered emblem of 'St Michael' surrounded by the words 'St Michael's Middle School'.

BOYS wear a white shirt, black school pullover, black trousers, black, white or grey socks, a school tie and sensible black shoes (not trainers).

GIRLS wear a white blouse, black school pullover, black skirt (sensible length), or black tailored trousers (the width at the bottom should be a maximum of 25 cm and the trousers should be clear of the floor – i.e. rest on the shoes) NOT jeans, cords, etc., black, grey or white knee length or ankle socks, school tie and sensible black shoes. Socks should be knee length or ankle socks - not 'trainer' socks.

Ordering School Uniform

Uniform is ordered directly from

The last order date to receive orders prior to the start of the September term is 22nd July

For Physical Education

From September 2020 our basic PE kit will change. For nearly 20 years we have had the same PE kit which is now outdated and impractical for curriculum activities not to mention the cold winter weather. Our ‘pupil voice’, the School Council, also requested the change and have approved the design. 


Our PE Kit suppliers are Star Sportswear

Included in these details will be a detailed sizing chart giving parents guidance on correct sizing of items as, unfortunately, due to risk of contamination Star Sportswear are unable to offer a ’try and buy’ session. 

Additional Requirements

All children will need an apron for 'dirty work' such as Pottery, D & T, Art, etc. and a second apron for 'clean work' such as Food Technology. Please ensure that your child possesses these items all clearly named. It is strongly recommended that certain items be duplicated to allow a reasonable time for washing and drying. Children will be told clearly beforehand when they need this equipment and we request your co-operation in ensuring that they have them on the required day.

Having purchased all the equipment and clothing mentioned, it is necessary to carry this to school. Please supply your child with a simple drawstring bag for PE and Games/Swimming kit, and a school bag or rucksack, etc. for books, pens, pencils, etc. These need not be too large!

Clothing Allowance

Parents in receipt of Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance may be able to apply for a clothing subsidy. If your child is eligible for Pupil Premium the school offers a Uniform Grant to cover the cost of the compulsory PE kit and a school jumper and tie. 

Further details are available from the School Finance Officer.