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School Uniform

Dress Code

We do ask for your support in helping us to reach for the highest possible standard in our children's appearance. Please ensure that, as far as possible, your child is dressed in school uniform with appropriate footwear (not trainers) and all items are named. Shoulder length hair (for health and safety reasons) should be tied back. Please do not send or allow your son/daughter to come to school adorned with earrings (apart from one pair of plain studs), fashion trouser belts, bracelets, necklaces or rings. No other piercings are permitted. Similarly, make-up, hair gel, dyed, tinted or highlighted hair are fashion statements and totally inappropriate for school. We always emphasise to our children that they are coming to a place of work and should dress accordingly.

Our Uniform

Dress Code

Parental support is required to ensure that all pupils are well presented. The standard of dress is important because it sets the expectation for work and provides the opportunity for collective pride in our school community as well as a clear structure for students and parents to follow. 




Black/Grey pleated or flared style skirts (No pencil skirts).

Skirts are to be worn without being altered or rolled and should finish just above or on the knee (suitable to sit on a floor or stool or for light physical activity).


Black/Grey suit-style trousers (No jean type).

Trousers should be formal, not fashion in style (eg. skinny or flared) and rest on your shoes.

Belts need to be unbranded and black or brown with a simple fastening.  Printed fashion belts are not permitted.


Grey tailored, formal schoolwear.


White shirt/blouse with a top button.


Black St. Michael’s Middle School Jumper with gold embroidered emblem of ‘St. Michael’ surrounded by the words ‘St. Michael’s Middle School.


Should any additional outdoor clothing be required, this must be in the form of a coat or jacket as non-uniform jumpers, hoodies and sportswear are not permitted.


St. Michael’s tie which should be knotted at the top button. 

7 black stripes as a minimum in length.


Plain grey or black knee length or black/grey ankle socks. Trainer socks, multicoloured socks or sports socks are not permitted (for example white Nike sports socks).


Plain grey or black tights


Fully black leather/leather look shoe style, this includes the sole and any logos/stitching. 

High/stiletto heels, platform soles, sandals and open-toed shoes are not permitted for health and safety reasons. 

Boots (including ankle boots and Doc Martin boots) and canvas shoes are also unacceptable. 

Please be aware that the school cannot provide a list of every rule relating to uniform and that common sense for what would be considered acceptable should be applied.   

Parents are asked to ensure that school uniform skirts and trousers comply with the above. Where there is any doubt in the suitability of an item of uniform in school, parents are asked to contact the Head of Year before a purchase is made. 

Hair and makeup

  • Hair length should be reasonable and not represent extreme fashions. For example - no shorter than a grade 2 and no lines/extreme fashions.

  • Hair colour should be natural shade and one tone.

  • Pupils are permitted to wear hairbands (plastic or fabric) providing that these do not have protruding parts (such as cat shaped ears). Small bows may also be worn in hair providing they are used for the purpose of restraining hair.

  • Pupils are not permitted to wear make-up. This includes coloured lip balm and mascara. Cover-up zone/spot concealer may be used as required.

  • Coloured nail varnish, false lashes and false nails of any type are not permitted.

Please note that where make-up is worn to school, pupils will be asked to remove this before continuing with the remainder of the day.


St. Michael’s allows students to wear a limited amount of jewellery as listed below. We do not allow excess jewellery for three reasons. First, it increases the likelihood of loss or theft. Secondly, many items of jewellery present a health and safety hazard and thirdly, our uniform and dress code is designed to encourage a smart-like atmosphere.

Please note: The school can take no responsibility for items of jewellery brought into school.

  • Pupils are permitted to wear one plain stud in each ear lobe only. This must be removed or taped, if freshly pierced, during PE and use a butterfly back.

  • Pupils may wear a watch.

  • Fitbits/fitness trackers may be worn as long they have no messaging or camera facility.

Therefore the following applies:

  • Hoop earrings are not allowed for health and safety reasons.

  • Nose studs, tongue studs, eyebrow studs, helix piercing etc or any other body jewellery are not allowed [unless for religious or cultural reasons]. Clear plastic bars worn in any such piercing are NOT acceptable. Students who wear such items will be asked to remove them.

  • Bracelets and necklaces should not be worn.

  • Watches which have the capability of messaging or have an inbuilt camera are not suitable for school.

Excess jewellery will be confiscated, placed in a marked envelope and passed to the Head of Year, to be reclaimed after one week. Persistent offenders will be sanctioned further.

Secondhand Uniform

Good quality second hand uniform is available through our uniform reuse facility. Please enquire at the office for further details.

Uniform Grants

Pupils in receipt of free school meals have access to uniform grants, one for Key Stage 2 (Yr 5 and 6) and another for Key Stage 3 (Yr7 and 8).  Further details are available from the school office.

The Headteacher will decide if any particular dress code falling outside these parameters are inappropriate.

PE Kit Letter to Parents

Boys (required kit)

  • St Michael’s black PE Top

  • St Michael’s black PE shorts or plain unbranded black shorts

  • St Michael’s rugby top

  • St Michael’s black socks or plain unbranded black socks

  • A pair of well fitting trainers

  • A pair of football boots/rugby boots in a named bag.

  • Medical tape to cover earrings if they cannot be removed.

  • A swimming kit including a towel, swimwear, a hat and goggles

Optional Boys Kit

  • St Michael’s Tech tracksuit top (advised for cold weather)

  • St Michael’s tracksuit bottoms (called ‘black skinny pants’ by our provider Star sportswear)

Girls (required kit)

  • St Michael’s black PE Top

  • St Michael’s black PE skort or St Michael’s black shorts or plain unbranded black shorts

  • St Michael’s black leggings or plain unbranded black leggings

  • St Michael’s black socks or plain unbranded black socks

  • A pair of well fitting trainers (no laces if your child isn’t able to tie them please)

  • A pair of football boots/rugby boots in a named bag.

  • Medical tape to cover earrings if they cannot be removed.

  • A swimming kit including a towel, swimwear, a hat and goggles

Optional Girl’s Kit

  • St Michael’s Tech tracksuit top (advised for cold weather)

  • St Michael’s Tracksuit bottoms (called ‘black skinny pants’ by our provider Star sportswear)

  • St Michael’s rugby top


Any piercings that cannot be removed must be covered with tape for PE lessons. Keeping a small roll of medical tape in your childs PE bag is suggested. Please note: staff are unable to remove piercings or put earrings back in for your child. Bracelets, rings and necklaces are not permitted in school and should therefore not be worn in PE lessons. 


No aerosols are to be used in the changing rooms therefore we ask that any deodorants brought into school are “roll on” rather than spray.


Every child will swim for the equivalent of one school term. Therefore, it is essential that they have the correct kit kept in a labelled drawstring bag. Swimming hats can be purchased for £2 via parentmail or you can provide your child with a silicone hat of your choosing. Goggles are highly recommended to allow your child to get the most out of their swimming lessons.


Ordering School Uniform

Uniform is ordered directly from


For Physical Education

From September 2020 our basic PE kit will change. For nearly 20 years we have had the same PE kit which is now outdated and impractical for curriculum activities, not to mention the cold winter weather. Our ‘pupil voice’, the School Council, also requested the change and have approved the design. 

Our PE Kit suppliers are Star Sportswear

Included in these details will be a detailed sizing chart giving parents guidance on correct sizing of items as, unfortunately, due to risk of contamination Star Sportswear is unable to offer a ’try and buy’ session. 

Additional Requirements

All children will need an apron for 'dirty work' such as Pottery, D & T, Art, etc. and a second apron for 'clean work' such as Food Technology. Please ensure that your child possesses these items all clearly named. It is strongly recommended that certain items be duplicated to allow a reasonable time for washing and drying. Children will be told clearly beforehand when they need this equipment and we request your co-operation in ensuring that they have them on the required day.

Having purchased all the equipment and clothing mentioned, it is necessary to carry this to school. Please supply your child with a simple drawstring bag for PE and Games/Swimming kit, and a school bag or rucksack, etc. for books, pens, pencils, etc. These need not be too large!

Clothing Allowance

Parents in receipt of Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance may be able to apply for a clothing subsidy. If your child is eligible for Pupil Premium the school offers a Uniform Grant to cover the cost of the compulsory PE kit and a school jumper and tie. 

Further details are available from the School Finance Officer.