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St Michael's Middle School

Private Music Lessons 2023- 2024

Instrumental and vocal lessons are taught by specialist private peripatetic teachers, individually or in
small groups of 2, 3 or 4. The lessons take place during the school day on a weekly basis and are
rotated through the timetable to avoid pupils missing the same lesson every week. Please note that lessons in voice, drums, and piano are only taught individually.


Invoices are sent out by the teacher and must be paid promptly otherwise lessons may be stopped at
the teacher’s discretion. Fees are set by the instrumental teacher and are subject to change each
academic year at the discretion of the teacher. They vary slightly between teachers but are around
£100 per term for 10 lessons. If you wish your son or daughter to stop having lessons at any point
during the year, half a term’s written notice to the teacher is required. At the end of an academic
year we will assume you want to continue lessons the following year unless we receive notice from
you during the last half of the Summer Term. Teachers endeavour to deliver a minimum of 10 lessons per
term. If the teacher is absent, they will make up that lesson at a convenient time. If your child misses
a lesson due to illness this lesson cannot be redeemed.


Regular practice at home is encouraged as it is known that pupils that do so make better progress
than those who don’t. In addition, we have a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs which will also
benefit your child’s general musicianship skill. There is an expectation that children playing an
orchestral instrument will join orchestra once they have been playing for 1 year or have reached Grade
1. There is an understanding between extracurricular clubs that if the orchestra clashes with another
club the child wants to do, then the child will go to both clubs on alternate weeks. The school
ensembles are regularly involved in concerts in school and in the community.


Examinations are not a necessity, but most of our pupils do enter exams at some point during their
time at St. Michael’s. It does give the pupil a sense of achievement and progress and something to
work towards. However, there is no pressure to do so!


A number of instruments are available for hire including:
Flute - Violin - Cello  - Trombone  - Tuba - Clarinet  - Saxophone  - Trumpet
Classical Guitar - Tenor/Baritone Horn

The cost of hiring an instrument is £50 per year for woodwind, brass, and cellos and £30 for acoustic
guitars and violins, paid annually in September. It can be useful to start on a school instrument before
committing to buying a brand new one! The number of instruments is limited so will be allocated on a
first come first serve basis.

There is also the possibility of buying an instrument through the V.A.Tavoidance scheme operated by school (a possible saving of 20%). Please indicate on the reply slip should you wish to hire a school instrument and we will do our very best to accommodate your request. 

If you have any questions regarding instrumental tuition or instrument hire please do not hesitate
to contact the school office.


Please click on the button below to fill in the form if you would like your child to start instrumental lessons at St. Michael's and indicate if you wish to hire a school instrument. We will do our very best to accommodate your request.

Note: Please fill in a separate form if your child is taking more than 1 instrument lesson.