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PE. Sport and Physical Activity

Our mission is to provide pupils with regular teaching and coaching in a wide range of sports, games and activities in a safe and secure environment; fostering the beneficial intellectual, moral, social, emotional and physical qualities associated with participation and performance in PE, sport and physical activity.
We aim to provide equality of provision regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, physical ability or standard, meeting the national recommended level of physical activity for the promotion of health and well-being and instil positive habits for lifelong learning.



Subject Statement 

To create meaningful and positive experience in PE, Sport and/or physical activity that promotes healthy active lifestyles now and beyond. The aim of our programme at St Michael’s is to engage all pupils, to inspire them to enjoy physical activity and create a pathway to excel. 

Central themes to our curriculum

  • Motor competence: We believe that acquiring and refining motor competence is one of the best ways to develop students’ confidence in their ability

  • ‘Just right’ Challenge; We believe that appropriate challenge leads to enjoyment and continued motivation therefore we provide experiences that place an emphasis on just right challenge 

  • Fun: We believe that fun is an essential part of creating meaningful experience therefore we plan for fun by understanding our students’ personal culture and community value and resist the urge to prioritise fun at the expense of other meaningful guiding principles

  • Delight: We believe in providing long-lasting intrinsic satisfaction that goes beyond the idea of fun and leads to sustained habit.

  • Personal relevant learning: We believe in helping students understand what they are learning, why it matters and how it helps them in broader aspects of their lives

  • Social interaction: We believe that positive social interactions are at the heart of meaningful movement experiences in PE therefore we promote positive relationships by providing opportunities for students to work together in groups and pairs.


Ethos of our programme for pupils

  • To Engage 

  • To Enjoy

  • To Excel


Facilities St Michael’s Middle School has extensive playing fields with three different sized football pitches, a rugby pitch and a 400m athletics track in the summer in addition to two artificial cricket wickets. Our playground has markings for three netball courts and tennis courts. We are also fortunate to have a five bay cricket net system and we are one of the few schools in Dorset to have its own swimming pool where qualified swimming teachers/lifeguards teach children water confidence skills, water safety as well as the four main swimming strokes. The school hall is used for all gymnastics, dance and all other indoor activities. The school has a specialised Dance Studio and a small fitness suite with cardio training equipment.

Our previous Pupils Success Stories 

  • Ben White (England and Arsenal FC)

  • Tino Anjorin (Chelsea FC and England U20s)

  • Tom Prest (Hampshire County Cricket and England U19s)

  • Kelly Snook (Southampton FC)

  • Lily-May Catling (Team Bath Netball)

  • Erin Thickett (AFC Bournemouth)

  • Piers Copeland (GB Athlete, 1500m)

  • James Williams (Hartpury RFC)

  • Danny Maidment (Poole Town FC

  • Nell and Jude Feltham who have been selected for 🇬🇧 TEAM GB 🇬🇧 2023. Tap Dancing

Extra Curricular  

Our extensive extra curricular sport and physical activity programme allows for participation and performance.
Expert coaching is given to pupils wanting to improve their skills, techniques and motor control. Students are able to represent the school both competitively and recreationally. As well as our traditional sports extra curricular activities, we also offer activities based on active healthy lifestyles and engagement. As a school we are keen to promote competition through Intra-school fixtures and events, as well as inter-house competitions. The school has also developed links with many local clubs in the area.


Students will be assessed in PE across the  “head, heart and hands” model. This approach illustrates the all-encompassing nature of meaningful experiences in PE connected by the three domains of learning: Cognitive/Knowing (Head), Affective/Feeling (Heart) and Psychomotor/Doing (Hands). Students will receive mastery oriented feedback using knowledge organisers for each of their activities, They are then placed on an assessment pathway for each of the three learning domains below.


Head (knowing)

Heart (feeling)

Hands (doing)

Knowledge and understanding of the game/activity

Personal relevant learning 

Analysis of tactics

Problem solving and decision making








Physical development Skill development 



Participation in competition


Core Values 

 PE builds ASPIRATION by: 

  • Giving opportunities for young people to improve, succeed and excel in competitive sport and physical activities

  • Providing opportunities for young people to become physically confident in a way that supports their own personal health, fitness and well-being

  • Providing opportunities to become leaders in lessons, extracurricular activities,
    intra-school competition and intra-school competition as part of the School Games

  • Providing young people opportunities to represent their house, school, district and county within sport and physical activities

  • Celebrating success within lessons and through year group and whole school assemblies

  • Offering opportunities to watch professional sport through school trips

  • Learning from and engaging with sports qualified, dedicated, professional teachers and coaches

PE builds BELIEF by: 

  • Re-inforcing the School Games Values of Determination, Self-belief, Passion, Teamwork, Respect and Honesty

  • Celebrating success within lessons and extracurricular activities

  • Providing a wide range of extracurricular activities

  • Providing opportunities for inter-house competition

  • Working in pairs and small groups where self-evaluation and review of work is a key skill

  • Encouraging pupils to take risks within lessons and extracurricular activities

  • Exposing our young learners to sporting role models

PE builds CREATIVITY by: 

  • Allowing pupils to express their ideas through individual and team games as well as gymnastics and dance

  • Encouraging pupils to take risks

  • Copying and developing ideas from one another

  • Exposing pupils to range of media highlighting outstanding performance

  • Encouraging pupils to join sporting extracurricular clubs

  • Creating and developing links with local sports clubs

  • Encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their own learning

  • Encouraging Sports Leaders to consider how young people learn and explore ways of engaging younger pupils in sporting activities

Wider British Values  

St Michael’s is a Church of England school that believes that supporting children’s development of character and values, including the core British values of democracy, mutual respect, liberty and the rule of law, is an essential part of equipping young people to thrive as citizens in the world of the future. PE actively supports this by:

  • Giving opportunities to all regardless of age, race, religious and cultural background

  • Giving opportunities for pupils to raise their self-esteem, feeling that they are valued and listened to

  • Increasing levels of respect for one another leading to improved relationships with pupils and staff

  • A sense of security as rights-respecting language and behaviour is used consistently within PE lessons

  • Improved attainment and attendance, and a reduction in exclusions

  • An understanding and respect of religions, cultures, beliefs and abilities different to their own

  • A wider and deeper understanding of the world in which they live through celebrating the Olympic values

  • Celebrating international competition whether between the home nations or wider where pupils will have different allegiances


Where it all fits in 

If you are working well in this subject these are the skills you are learning:

  • Communication skills (with peers, adults, teachers and coaches)

  • Social skills (ability to work alongside and learn with others)

  • Cognitive skills (thinking and decision-making)

  • Physical skills (fundamental movement and more complex sport-specific)

  • Creative skills (ability to explore and express themselves, developing their own ideas and solutions)

  • Personal skills (individual attitude and approach to learning)

If you like this subject then these are some of the jobs you can go on to:

  • Sports scientist

  • PE teacher

  • Professional sportsperson

  • Sports coach/consultant

  • Sports policy at local government and national level

  • Regional and National Sports Governing Body Administrator

  • Diet and fitness instructor

  • Personal trainer

  • Sports psychologist

  • Sports media and photography

  • Leisure Management