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St Michael's Middle School
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St Michael's Middle School

Our Staff

Leadership Team

Mr D Ayling Headteacher / Deputy DSL
Mr P Andrews Deputy Headteacher
Mr N Taylor Leader of Pupil Well-Being / DSL
Mr R Wallis Leader for Pupil Achievement
Mrs K Ramsey SENDCo
Mrs Thompson-Brown Lead for Christian Distinctiveness

Site Team 

Mr. G Kann


Mr S Jolliffe Caretaker


Mrs K  Ramsey SENDCo
Mrs. E Clipson Deputy SENDCo

Year 5 Team 

Mrs C Holmes Head of Year 5 / 5H Class Teacher
Mrs R Warren 5DW Class Teacher/ PHSE Lead
Mr N Smart 5S Class Teacher 
Mrs D Johnson (from 4/3/24) 5M Class Teacher
Mr D Patrice 5P Class Teacher
Mrs S Doyle 5DW Class Teacher

Year 6 Team 

Mr T Joy Head of Year 6 / 6J Class Teacher
Mrs Thompson-Brown 6M Class Teacher / Lead for Christian Distinctiveness
Mrs Odgers 6O Class Teacher / KS2 English Curriculum Leader
Mrs L Swann 6S Class Teacher
Mr T Manley 6M Class Teacher / PE Curriculum Leader
Mrs Macfie 6O Class Teacher

Year 7 Team 

Mr A Clark 7C Class Teacher / Head of Year 7
Mr T Bush 7B Class Teacher / KS3 English Curriculum Leader
Mrs T Sach 7S Class Teacher / Maths Curriculum Leader
Mrs K Holmes 7H Class Teacher
Mrs S Paton 7H Class Teacher/ MFL Curriculum Leader
Mrs C Prosser 7LP Class Teacher/ Science Curriculum Leader
Mr. H Jeffcott (cover) 7LP Class Teacher / Food Technology Teacher

Year 8 Team 

Mrs F Willis
Head of Year 8  / Class Teacher 8W / Art Curriculum Leader 
Mrs H Doherty 8DH Class Teacher
Ms S Owen 8O Class Teacher / Science Teacher
Mr J Rosier 8R Class Teacher / ICT Curriculum Leader
Mrs L Hastings 8DH Class Teacher
Mr P Spurling 8HS Class Teacher / Geography Curriculum Leader
Mr W Horrell 8HS Class Teacher / Design Technology Curriculum Leader

Other Teaching Staff 

Mr E Johnston Music Curriculum Leader
Mrs S Antell Textiles Curriculum Leader
Mrs C Hughes MFL Teacher
Mrs A Smith Textiles Teacher

Pastoral Staff 

Mrs S Holman Pastoral Manager
Ms A Lennon Pastoral Worker / Mental Health in Schools Lead
Mrs L Collins Pastoral Worker

Support Staff 

Mrs N Wellman School Business Manager
Mrs N Small Administration Assistant
Mrs A Jakeman Attendance Administrator
Miss L Bartlett Administration Assistant - First Aid Technician
Mrs V Funnell Technician
Mrs J Courtenay Clerical Assistant
Mrs C Haynes  Cover Manager / Science Technician
Mrs C Sewell Art Technician
Ms L Collins Cover Supervisor / Science Technician
Mrs R Chen Cover Supervisor
Mrs A Coates Cover Supervisor
Ms L Black PE Technician

One to One Tutors 

Teaching Assistants 

Mrs K Naylor  Mrs K Wrixon
Mrs V Jarvis  SEN admin Mrs M Houldey
Mrs S Andrews Mrs L Yarrow
Mrs L Gardiner Mrs S Waters
Mrs N Stanford Miss E Joyce
Miss B Lane Miss C East
Mrs C Smith Mrs W Quigley