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St Michael's Middle School
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St Michael's Middle School

Home School Agreement

Our school is committed to the vision of “Every Child Matters”. We believe that pupils perform better when the home and school work together in partnership.

The school will:

  • Support pupils to achieve their full potential
  • Provide a balanced, interesting and appropriate curriculum
  • Look after the well-being of the pupil when at school
  • Set challenging targets for our pupils to achieve
  • Keep parents informed of their child's progress by meetings, reports and letters
  • Keep parents involved with the life of the school
  • Ensure that the building is warm, welcoming, clean and safe
  • Give special help to pupils as needed
  • Set and mark homework regularly
  • Be welcoming and listen and respond to any concerns
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Prepare the pupils for their future
  • Value and respect pupils as individuals
  • Have a clear behaviour policy, which all staff actively promote
  • Reward pupils with Credit Marks and Merits

We ask that parents and carers:

  • Ensure that their child arrives at school on time
  • Ensure that their child attends regularly, equipped for the day's work
  • Support our behaviour policy
  • Support our anti-bullying policy
  • Create the best possible conditions for homework and sign the PNB on completion of homework
  • Support our uniform policy
  • Attend meetings that involve their child
  • Avoid, wherever possible, taking holidays during term time

We require pupils to:

  • Attend school and be on time
  • Follow our school rules
  • Come to school with the correct equipment and uniform
  • Make every effort to produce classwork and homework to the very best of their ability
  • Be caring and considerate of others
  • Have respect and care for the school environment
  • Treat others as they would wish to be treated
  • Use their PNB effectively
  • Make a positive contribution in all aspects of their school life