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St Michael's Middle School

Do You Have a Question?

Hi, we want to welcome you to
St. Michael's Middle School.

We can't wait to meet you and for you to meet your new teachers and all your new friends.

Questions already asked: 

I am worried about getting lost as the school is huge compared to my first school?

I think we all feel like this when we go anywhere new. The teachers know that lots of children feel like this and in Year 5 we stay in our classroom for a lot of our lessons. When we do need to move to a different classroom your teacher will take you there until you get more confident in finding your way - so there really is nothing to worry about. 

Are we in the same class all the time?

You will be with your class for English, Maths, Primary lessons (History & Geography), French, RE, Music, and Computer Science lessons so the class gets to know each other and their teachers really well. You will be in different groups with children from other classes in Science, PE. Games and DT lessons.