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St Michael's Middle School

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is an important part of our school day. We meet as a whole school four times a week, just after our lunch break; to reflect, celebrate, praise and challenge our thinking. On the fifth occasion pupils either meet in class groups or year groups depending on the week. There are more details about our school approach to Collective Worship and spirituality in our Collective Worship Policy (see Policy Section) and in the section on this site called 'Church Schools Distinctiveness'. Please take a look.

We love to celebrate our God given talents both in and out of school (check out our WOW board in school for pupils' wider achievements) and so we are delighted that our Art Technician, Miss Bridie Cheeseman is also an accomplished artist and illustrator: . We have used her talents by commissioning her to produce a piece which helps pupils focus and reflect during our Collective Worship. You can see from the photos below, she has done an amazing job of creating a landscape based around Biblical stories as a focus for our school Collective Worship. I hope you enjoy looking at it next time you are in school.