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St Michael's Middle School

Christian Distinctiveness

We are delighted to be part of the wider family of Church of England schools.  We thrive as an organisation by building strong partnerships. This starts with our links to the Salisbury Diocese and St Michael’s Church but also significantly as part of the Wimborne Academy Trust.
Being a church school means that, at our very core, we look to reflect biblical principles in how we conduct ourselves and in what we want to achieve for our young people.
This mission is explored below in our wider Vision statement and in how we develop values throughout school.


Children are at the heart of this school and it is for them alone that it exists. Each person, uniquely made in God's image, merits the best we can give. We therefore seek to create a happy family atmosphere where Christian values are upheld not only in worship and Religious Education but across the whole life of the school.

Within this environment, we work towards each child feeling secure and valued and having a sense of purpose and achievement. In preparing our children to be useful, compassionate and responsible members of society, both within the school and outside it, we insist that they reach for the highest standards attainable in endeavour, work, play, dress and conduct. We are committed to providing a Christian community within which the widest range of individual characters can develop to their full potential.

Curriculum link explaining values within our subjects