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Careers guidance & how to get involved.

Careers Guidance Aims

By using the Gatsby benchmarks, we are committed to ensuring that pupils are well-informed and equipped to make decisions regarding their future by the time they leave for their upper school education.  Our aim is that by the time they leave us, every student at St Michael’s should recognise and have knowledge of their own strengths and be able to link these qualities to possible future education and career opportunities.  

Why consider careers at middle school age?

  • Students have to make decisions on GCSE options in Year 9 - their first year in upper school. We want to prepare students for these decisions in good time, so they have time to reflect on their options. 

  • Students who have thought about their possible career destination are more likely to be motivated to work their best and achieve in their chosen area.

  • Even for those who do not wish to make choices yet, considering their future prospects encourages students to take responsibility for their learning and to have discussions about their future with parents or carers. 

Students and Parents/Carers

Please enjoy exploring our careers pages using the tabs to discover useful websites and to see our trust careers policies as well as our own programmes and aims at St Michael’s.  Our newsletters are the best way to see all the fantastic opportunities our pupils have been experiencing.

You can explore career opportunities as a student or with your parents by visiting the
careers websites page.
 Have you explored what jobs might be out there in the future! 

If you have any comments or feedback on the St Michael’s careers programme or on the information provided, please let us know – contact details below.


If you are an employer or college/further education provider and would like to provide information to our students or deliver a presentation, then please also let us know using the contact below.

Careers Contact:

Rebecca Warren, Careers Leader, St Michael’s Middle School. 


Tel: 01202 883433


The programme is reviewed annually.