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St Michael's Middle School

St Michael's Middle School

Careers Websites

Explore these websites to find out about careers and jobs you are interested in or perhaps ones you had never heard of before!

Website 1:

Career Pilot

(Some parts of this site require registration/signing in - ignore these!)

Go to ‘EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS’ and you can search by your favourite SUBJECT or by VALUES or by JOB SECTOR.  Choose jobs to see how much you might earn and scroll down for videos and other information.

Website 2:

Careers Bitesize

This site has a HUGE list of jobs and each one has a great video for you to watch about the job with other information underneath the video.

Website 3:


Another site full of information and videos and a huge range of careers.

You can use the search buttons at the top to get lists of jobs or find a specific one.

 Website 4:

Discover the Amazing World of Apprenticeships.

This collection of short Apprentice Story films showcases the breadth and variety of apprenticeships, including Firefighting, Engineering, Broadcasting, Zookeeping and more.

Apprentices are all around us, often working in surprising roles – watch these Apprentice Story films below to be inspired.

Website 5:
This website has the latest insights on the changing labour market and skills landscape assisting educators, employers, jobseekers, young people and their parents in making informed decisions.