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St Michael's Middle School
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St Michael's Middle School

An Afternoon of French Entertainment

Monsieur Dan Roro et son bistrot visits St Michael's.

On Thursday 4th July our year 5 and 6 children were treated to a fun afternoon of traditional French entertainment provided by the travelling ‘artiste’. 

Peals of laughter, punctuated with squeals of delight, resonated throughout the hall as Monsieur Roro juggled eggs, spun ceramic plates and balanced precariously on a unicycle!

His limited English and poor memory (pauvre Monsieur Roro 😉!)  meant that the children had to help him out on several occasions and it wasn’t long before the room filled with the sound of ‘’J’ai une idée!”

“J’ai oublié!” and the words ‘aujourd’hui’ , ‘maintenant’ and the adjective ‘beau’!

To quote one year 5 pupil, “It was absolutely amazing and so funny!”  To that we can all agree,

“C’était absolument incroyable et tellement rigolo!”