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Peter Pan tickets are now on sale !

Rehersals are well under way and the excitement is building

 Fly away with us to Neverland - a place where one adventure follows another. Wendy, Michael and John Darling are woken one night by a mysterious boy, Peter Pan.  After learning to fly, the children are taken away to Neverland where they meet Pirates, Brave Girls and Fairies. They join a band of Lost Boys who know not the comforts of family life.  Wendy becomes a mother figure to the boys who all secretly long for a family of their own. The power struggle between Pirates and Brave Girls drags the children into the hands of the terrible captain Hook. But Hook be warned - the tick tock of the hungry croc is never far away.

 The Layard Theatre, Dorset,BH21 3AD

 Tuesday 26, Wednesday 27, Thu 28th March 2024 7:00PM

Tickets can be obtained here