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St Michael's Middle School
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St Michael's Middle School

Your Health Matters Day

On Wednesday 24th January, the whole school was involved in a Your Health Matters Day.

On Wednesday 24 Jan we collapsed our normal timetable and created a programme for each year group to teach them new ideas as well as inform them and make them think about their impact on the world.

Year 5 experienced different workshops throughout the day which focused on their wellbeing. This ranged from drumming in the woods to drama. Year 6 needed their creative hats on as they looked at ways of recycling our waste with the impact of caring for our planet.

Year 7 were treated to face to face discussions from local professionals who came into school to talk through career plans and the options that are open to students. A special thank you to all those who came in to speak to our students. We also looked at managing budgets and how mortgages are offered by lenders.  

Year 8 were asked to create a Political Party. The Great Green GOATs, Lightening Lemons, Red Bulls and Blue Revolution ended the day with a hustings. Our new Prime Minister will be.............

Feedback from students has been fantastic. They approached the day in a positive way and all students have been really positive about the experiences they had.
Thank you to everyone for their support.

More photos here