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Thank you to those parents who attended our recent 'What every parent should know'  parental event on understanding anxiety and supporting your child, child exploitation and county lines and social media.
We had some fantastic feedback

'This was a BRILLIANT evening. Very informative. I feel I have the extra knowledge and now tools to support my children should I need them. Please make this a 6-12 month talk. Perhaps offer 2 night options for parents who couldn’t make it? I hope people who couldn’t make it do attend another one. It was well worth it in my opinion.'

'Very useful information and so helpful regarding my daughter’s mental health and how to ask school for help!  The escapeline was super interesting and informative - shocking to say the least but I believe every parent should be open and honest about these things and learning as a parent is vital! Social media was also very interesting and insightful. The teacher hosting it was great!'

'The county line's info was very hard hitting and I feel privileged to have learnt so much about it and extremely proud of the school for enabling this event to take place for both children and parents.'

The follow up resources from this event have been added to our website - so even if you were unable to attend the evening please take a look as there is lots of really useful information on here. What every parent should know