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St Michael's Middle School

COVID Isolation Work

Please read the information below

If your child is isolating because: 

  • they have a confirmed COVID diagnosis 
  • someone in your household has a confirmed COVID diagnosis or
  • your child has been sent home to isolate due to a case in their school bubble,

this is where the work they need to do can be found. Follow the link on the right for their year group and this will give you access to the work.

Work is organised by subject and there is sufficient to cover 2 weeks of lessons. Start with Isolation Work 1 for their first two week period of isolation. If your child has to isolate for further periods of time, move to Isolation Work 2 then 3 in order.

If we have periods of lockdown where schools are closed, we will contact you with details for how we will provide home learning. 

If your child requires addition work, use the link on the right 'Additional Home Learning Resources', for suggestions of things they could do. They should also have a reading book, linked to our Accelerated Reader scheme, they can continue with. Where they finish a book they can do the associated quiz for it by following this link and logging in to their account as they do at school.