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St Michael's Middle School

St Michael's Middle School

IT Support


Guidance for accessing and using St Michael’s online systems and resources 

We use several websites and online learning resources for school that your child will benefit from accessing whilst learning at home in the coming weeks.  These are the main ones we want them to continue to use.  Individual subject departments will have other sites that they will direct pupils to separately. 

Google G-Suite (previously known as Google Apps) 

This is accessed via a web browser from .  This suite of applications offers email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, calendars, collaborative tools, and many more all a cloud environment.  Google Drive allows pupils to access all the school digital resources stored on the drive we call ‘Students Resources’ as well as their own ‘MyDrive’ to save and access their own work. 

Students log in with their school Google accounts, which also gives them access to numerous other sites and services from other providers.  

The typical Google user ID for our pupils is  

Where the School ID is:  XXsurnameforname and XX is the year the Year Group started at St Mike’s.  

i.e. Fred Bloggs Year 5 would be 
and Teresa Green in Year 8 would be   

We have created these videos to help students use Classroom. 

Google G-Suite on Tablets – ANDROID (iOS update to follow)

If you will be using a tablet to access the Google resources and already have another Google account set up on that device, please consider downloading another web browser such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Samsung Internet, etc to use to access the school Google account. 


MyMaths is an interactive online teaching and homework website that builds and consolidates maths skills and knowledge. 

Pupils log into the website with the user name and password  

School Username: stmichaels9 
School Password: tangent105 

Each student will have a specific username and password that they have been allocated by their class teacher.  This video gives a quick overview of the 2 stages of logging into the St Michael’s MyMaths portal. 

Accelerated Reader 

This website is used to record pupils reading progress and to check they understand what they are reading to allow us to advise them on their reading levels.  When a pupil finishes reading a book, they should log on to the accelerated reader website using this link (please don’t just Google it, this is the St Michael’s specific link).  We suggest you bookmark / add this page to you favourites. 

Pupils can also access this through the links provided on Student Resources which can be access via their Google Drive.  All pupils should know their accelerated reader usernames and passwords and they should be written in the Personal Notebooks (PNBs), ideally on page 101. 


Google Accounts 

If your child cannot log into Google, please send an email to: and we will organise a password reset. When you enter a new password please remember it must be a minimum of 8 characters including 3 from uppercase, lowercase, number and symbols. 

Emails will be answered as soon as possible but please bear with us as we only have one IT support person.  We all know she is superwoman in disguise but please recognise she supports over 1000 pupils and 100 staff at St Mike’s and Emmanuel schools.  


If your child cannot log into MyMaths to access the set work please email with MyMaths in the subject line. 

This address is for id and password issues only, not for maths or how to use MyMaths queries.  

Support Videos 

We will continue to add videos to the ‘St Michael’s Computer Science’ YouTube channel in response to any difficulties experienced. 

Hegarty Maths 

Hegarty Maths is an online teaching and homework website that delivers maths teaching through video tutorials and checks understanding in the form of online questions where students enter and submit answers for automatic assessment.  Since May half term, we have been using Hegarty Maths with all year groups who are not in school.

Pupils log into the website

The first time they log in they look for St Michael’s Middle School by searching with our postcode BH21.  They then input their name, date of birth, and set a password.

Teachers assign their class lessons on particular topics.  When the pupils do that lesson their teacher will be able to see their results and answers to the questions and if warranted, provide some feedback.  The image below of the user interface shows a pupil has 5 tasks (topic lessons) to do and the bell indicates that they have some feedback to read.

All of this and how to work effectively with Hegarty Maths is explained in this video.  I made it primarily to help pupils understand how to use the Hegarty Maths system, but it is useful for parents to also watch so they can quickly review what their children have done and need to do.  

This video briefly introduces the Hegarty onscreen keyboard, which is essential when doing algebra, fractions, and indices topics.