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St Michael's Middle School



Text Box:  Vision for Learners at St Michael’s CE Middle School

‘Each child, uniquely made in God’s image, merits the best that we can give’.

Our sense of purpose begins with the statement above, rooted in the highest possible understanding of young people and all their God-given potential. All that we do flows from this including our core values of Aspiration, Belief and Creativity: St Michael’s ABC.

Our pupil’s join St Michael’s at a crucial stage of transition from childhood to early adulthood. We support them through this journey in three key ways. Firstly, by inspiring them to aim high in all areas of schooling and personal development. Secondly we coach pupils to sustain belief in all situations and challenges. Finally, we actively seek ways to for all pupils to explore and nurture their creativity.

Subject Statement

Science at St Michael’s provides essential knowledge to prepare our pupils for higher education and the foundations are laid for understanding the world through specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. We empower pupils to be curious and questioning of the society they live in and how science paves the way for future world prosperity.

We aim to:

Inspire students to take an interest in Science. Prepare those that wish to pursue Science at a higher level and follow a Science or technology related career.

Equip students with the knowledge and understanding to fulfil their roles as citizens, to participate in democratic decision making on Science related policy issues such as future use of nuclear, fossil fuel and renewable energy. 

'I really enjoy and look forward to my science lessons. I am sure you will too.'

Charis Walker
Year 8