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St Michael's Middle School

School Council

St Michael's School Council consists of two representatives from each form class throughout the whole school to act as "the voice of the students". They are elected by their peers and will serve on the council over the duration of the year. 

They have already had two meetings this year. Their initial meeting was with Anna Woodward 
(a Governor from the School Board) to discuss and make decisions about Anti-Bullying Week, which is going to be held on the 12th - 17th November this year. They voted for an odd socks day (on the Tuesday) and a blue non-uniform day (on the Friday) amongst other ideas.

Just last week they had their second meeting. Here they decided to assist Mrs Thompson-Brown with the shoe box appeal (for the less fortunate people in other countries) over Christmas. So they will be busy over the next two weeks gathering and checking these boxes before they are collected from St Michael's. They were also asked by Mrs Thompson-Brown if they could become involved with a fundraising afternoon raising money for the Cancer Society. This will happen towards the end of the Autumn term and they were very enthusiastic with a number of great ideas to raise money for such a worthwhile charity. 

Lastly, next week four students from St Michael's School Council (two from Year 7 and two from Year 8) will be visiting Ferndown Upper School with Mrs Holman . This School has a "No Put Down Week" which is organised by their School Council. They will be meeting with members of their School Council to discuss the activities that they do during this week in their school and then report back to St Michael's School Council on their findings.

The School Council at St Michael's this year is a very exciting group of students to be involved with. Watch this space....