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St Michael's Middle School

St Michael's Middle School

Remote Learning - Information for pupils self-isolating due to COVID (updated November 2021).

Remote learning will be provided for your child whenever they are isolating because they have a 

  • A positive lateral flow test and are going for a PCR (a negative PCR means they can return to school)

  • A positive PCR test result (10 days isolation).

If your child is ill, there is no expectation that they attend live lessons/tutor times or complete work set by their teachers.   


In All Cases Where Your Child Remains Well 

Isolating pupils should log into Google Classroom every day to check for messages from teachers. They should also use the Google Meet link for their tutor group to join the class reader session at 8.45 AM and Collective Worship at 2.00 PM (link provided by Tutor).

Accessing Work

On their first day of isolation, pupils should follow the links on the right of this webpage to access the work appropriate for their year group. 

Work is organised by subject and is sufficient to cover 2 weeks of lessons. Start with Isolation Work 1. The work is designed to underpin key ideas taught in school this year. Pupils can also continue reading their book, quizzing on Accelerated Reader, Hegarty Maths and Tassomai (Yr7 & 8 Maths, English and Science only). Teachers will, where relevant, update the work to take account of what is happening in class at that time and will check on the work done. 

To access some of the links within the work, pupils will need to be logged in to their school google account.

IF A NEGATIVE PCR comes back after a positive lateral flow and the pupil can return to school, STOP doing the online work and make a note of which lessons they completed. They may have to pick up from there if they are required to isolate again.

Where a Positive PCR results in a 10-day Isolation

If your child remains well they continue 

  • To attend Class Reader via Google Meet at 8.45 AM and Collective Worship at 2.00 PM

  • With the work on the website. If they complete Isolation Work 1, move on to Isolation Work 2 then 3 in order as required.

During a 10-day isolation and where appropriate your children’s teachers may

  • Provide additional work related to current lessons through Google Classroom

  • Invite your child to join the lesson live via Google Meet (codes for this are in Google Classroom)

  • Direct children to other video content from sources such as Oak National Academy.

Any work completed should be submitted via Google Classroom for the teacher to see.

If your child requires additional work, use the link on the right 'Additional Home Learning Resources', for suggestions of things they could do. They should also have a reading book, linked to our Accelerated Reader scheme, which they can continue with. When they finish a book they can do the associated quiz by following this link and logging in to their account as they do at school.