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St Michael's Middle School

Careers Guidance


Visit our careers websites page.

Everything we do for our young people at St Michael’s is rooted in our core values of Aspiration, Belief and Creativity: St Michael’s ABC.

This includes not only preparing pupils for their next steps but also encouraging them to look further forward to what they might want to achieve in their future education and subsequent careers.


We encourage every pupil to aspire to the highest standards of academic and personal development whilst they are at St Michael’s. We celebrate the values and qualities that will enable young people to thrive in whatever path their life takes. Likewise, we also encourage pupils to aim high in their future aspirations, and to start thinking about paths to achieve the very best futures for themselves.


So much of an individual’s progress is built on belief; belief in themselves and what they are capable of. Our desire is to build resilience in young people whether from without or within. We believe this will stand our students in good stead when it comes to gaining entry to their chosen careers, as well as subsequently progressing to the highest levels within those careers.


Never before has creativity been as important as it is now, in times of increasingly rapid technological and social change and growing globalization. Creativity is not an optional extra in the modern world, it is a quality which enables us to thrive and adapt in any environment.

Careers guidance aims



Our aim is that every Year 7 and 8 students at St Michael’s should have knowledge of their own strengths and be able to link these strengths to possible future education and career opportunities.

Students and Parents/Carers

You can explore these career opportunities as a student or with your parents by visiting the careers websites page.

If you have any comments or feedback on the St Michael’s careers programme or on the information provided, please let us know – contact details below.


If you are an employer or college/further education provider and would like to provide information to our students or deliver a presentation, then please also let us know using the contact below.

Careers Contact:

Andrew Arthur, Careers Leader, St Michael’s Middle School. 


Tel: 01202 883433


The programme is reviewed annually.