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St Michael's Middle School

SUMMER SCHOOL for 6-10 year olds

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This event will take place between 11:00am and 5:00pm on 06/08/2018 until 10/08/2018.

A week of creative learning for your children 🌈
Give your little ones the chance to explore the 🌎 through dance, drama, art and story telling 🎭
XACT Summer is a 5 day long summer programme for children aged 6-10 designed to stimulate children’s brains throughout the summer break. We hope children will have fun, find new interests and answer questions they may have about the world around them during our week long programme. XACT Summer enables children to work together to answer questions they may have about the world through a week full of creativity and a range of artistic outlets such as dance, art, storytelling and drama. Each day will consist of a new art enabling children to dive head first into the day exploring WHAT they want and HOW they want (within reason of course). The week will conclude with a final performance and exhibition of the children's work. Most importantly we aim for children to grow in confidence, have fun and make new friends.

Direct message us or email for more details and to book your little on a space